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DIVA Retreats
Discover Your Inner Voice through adventures of the body, mind and spirit!

Hi there, 


Welcome to DIVA Retreats! My name is Crystal.  I founded DIVA Retreats more than 10 years ago with the collaboration and partnership of some extraordinary friends to create retreats for women to 'Discover their Inner Voice through Adventures of the body, mind and spirit'. 

Together, we have created a number of boutique style retreats for women to share in yoga classes, inspirational workshops, adventures, humanitarian experiences and more! 

Our goal is to create space for women to truly live their best life, to collaborate and connect, to dream big and bring those dreams to life! 

Our next DIVA Retreat is planned for January 2024 and will include a mix of the following segments and a lot of free time to relax and rejuvenate!  You are welcome to participate in or opt out of any activities ~ Choose what ever your heart desires! 

  • Contribution and Philanthropy – Hands on work project with a local charity.

  • Health and Fitness – Everything from yoga classes (to suit all abilities), meditation, nutrition, stress reduction, cooking classes, dance classes, and more.

  • Adventures & Experiences – Fabulous excursions such as: snorkelling, zip lining, dance classes, etc.

  • Introspection and Self-Discovery – Are you wanting to create 'your next chapter' in your life or perhaps, wondering what your greater purpose or calling in life is?  Your retreat includes inspiring workshops and self-discovery tools, art classes, journalling and more.

  • Are you as happy & fulfilled as you could be? – You'll have a chance to dream and design your future, collaborate with others, gain clarity on your ultimate vision, what you really want, how to get out of your own way and create a life of fulfilment and joy. 

  • Connection – Built in to every retreat is an opportunity for women to connect, bond, collaborate, and celebrate with one another.

  • Free time to relax – Time for you to relax or go on your own adventures, enjoy the private villa, ocean-front setting, culture and region.

Cost is currently being finalized for the 5-star accommodation, the retreat, SWAG, all breakfasts and most lunch and dinner's. 


Registrants are responsible for flights and transportation from airport (Puerto Vallarta) to ocean-front villa (a short taxi ride).  

To get on our mailing list for the retreat please contact us for details, more information and meal preferences.  


Women will leave their DIVA Retreat with new life-long friends, greater appreciation for themselves and their extraordinary brilliance, excited about their life and future, filled with inspiration and positive energy.


If you're looking for a sign - this is it! Take some time for yourself and join the DIVA Retreat.  You deserve it! 

Our Team

Dynamic. Enthusiastic. Inspiring.  

We are delighted to collaborate and create an extraordinary DIVA Retreat for YOU! With daily yoga classes, inspiring workshops, culinary experiences

and experiential adventures...we welcome you to Discover Your Inner Voice through adventures of the body, mind and spirit! 

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